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Location: Milan, Italy, Italy

Services: Italian male masseurs available in Italy: Milan,

The benefits of massage

This is a massage for you to relax, unwind and just enjoy yourself! this massage is a very pleasurable experience using different massage and techniques with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones - including buttocks, inner thigh, nipples, groin, perineum, genitals and anywhere else you like. (more)
Giving or receiving a massage is a profound experience, you are potentially allowing a stranger to touch, stroke and massage you in ways that you wouldn't ordinarily experience. a massage allows you to experience that touch without fear, just pleasure and enjoyment.

For this, and indeed any of the massage treatments I offer, please feel free to make requests for what you enjoy, what you would like to feel and experience.


Everything that happens with a massage you are guided through, at no point will you be asked to do anything or experience anything you aren't ready for. My preference and recommendation is that the session's are carried out with both client and therapist nude - this gives the most powerful connection as there is nothing to hide and we can celebrate both our spirit and bodies. However i appreciate that not everyone wants that or is comfortable with that, so i do also offer the option for a tantric massage in a non-naturist environment.

As with all massages, no two treatments will be the same: a common question I get is about the client touching me, I always say that is absolutely fine - the session is about pleasure and enjoyment and that comes from both receiving and giving touch.

The tantric massage makes you forget about the outside world and helps you to relax and let go to enjoy a truly intimate journey.

What happens....

Each massage is very much like a book, a journey as it consists of three stages - the start, the middle and the ending.
We start off with introductions to each other, the environment we will be in for the session and the treatment. As with all massage treatments we need to have a quick discussion about any contra-indications to the treatments, I like to find out if you have had any previous massages and your experiences of them, any areas of the body that you don't like to be touched.
It is very important that you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease before we begin the session.

Perhaps the most important touch, particularly if you are new to this, is that of the first contact, once you are comfortable on the massage table I very slowly and gently make my first contact with you. We will spend a few moments with just this simple contact of one or two hands resting gently on your back as we go through a few breathing exercises.:these are to help you relax, loosen your muscles, become at ease and are the first few steps of your journey.
Full-body massage

every part of your body will at some point be touched during the massage (unless you request areas be avoided), using a luxiourous aromatherapy massage medium my hands will glide over and caress your body. This massage incorporates a lot of my therapeutic massage experience, we are working all the muscles in the body to soften, loosen and relax them.
Sarting on the back of the body with the feet and moving upwards, you will then be asked to turn over where we start with the neck and shoulders and work down the front of the body, including arms, hands and feet. this touch and the power of the strokes can help you to relax, feel at ease and just enjoy the time - quite often your mind becomes more still, sometimes you may drift off to sleep - this is fantastic, don't fight it if it happens, just enjoy the calm and peace.

Lingam massage

The massage of the lingam (sanskrit for penis, loosly translated as "wand of light") including the penis, testicles, perinium and sacred spot (prostate) allows you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. Building and harnessing your sexual energy for pleasure and healing, for this you will be given a pillow for your head and your hips will be slightly raised with another while your legs are sligtly apart with the knees bent.
This isn't a "rub and tug" massage, the lingam massage is a very powerful, sacred element of the treatment - by this time it is hoped you are relaxed and at ease, and have let go of the judgements, and constraints of modern culture to allow your mind, body, spirit and emotions the freedom and permission to explore and enjoy the pleasure of such intimate touch to a point of release.

Sacred spot / Prostate massage
This is included in a treatment by request only. Laying on your back with your head on a pillow for comfort, you hips will be raised by a pillow too and the legs moved slightly apart with the knees bent. This massage of the 'sacred spot' (prostate) is never rushed, it starts with an external massage, and if relaxed and comfortable can proceed to an internal massage of the sacred spot. For many men this is a very unusual sensation and feeling, and one that can open us to experiences and pleasures never previously enjoyed.

Time to feel

After such a powerful experience it is nice to enjoy it, following release there is very much a feeling of pleasure, and well-being. It is important to take time to enjoy this so we spend a few minutes finishing off with some very light gently massage to stroke and calm the body and help ground you again. I will then leave you alone for a few minutes to enjoy the feeling and emotion of the experience.
Tantric massages are available as 1, 1½ or 2 hour appointments.

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