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-- I am based in MILAN where I belong to and I am available for escort-related services in the surroundings of MALPENSA only if with appropriate notice given and with last meet by 8 PM. --

If tired of a fast rub that does not qualify as a massage and then a fast tug, I give you 5 reasons for needing My Intimate Massage and Immersive Escorting Experience:

1. You're the traveled gentleman on a business trip all the time and in need of attention away from your hectic schedule, and I'm a fully-fledged upscale escort in tiptop shape providing you with the perfect blend of grace and care to knead you! High on my list is accommodating a no-rush session, promoting quality, as opposed to quantity! 
2. You've finally set an intention to take time for yourself, very likely at the fitness & beauty centre of your 5-star luxury hotel since you need a tailored massage to unwind. But in the back of your “chivalrous” mind you wish you could instead get a discreet intimate adventure and a bit of erotic and sexy world with a well behaved and high-end escort like me visiting you, knowing all will go smoothly, with respect, care and positive feelings! 
3. You're a very demanding client within the upper class range and with ultimate needs and you don't deserve to run into this escort war of fakes and frauds, and a chance meeting with any other girl delivering a fuckpad rush session sort of... so you would rather incline towards the massage therapist who's a known commodity but ain't as pretty as me... ;-) Please believe that combining the best of both worlds your dreams come to fruition with me! 
4. You're aware that removing deep layers of tension, mental and physical, that may hide everything that's about the senses, a good massage could help also busy modern day people release limiting concepts and hang-ups around sexuality... and right during the pampering you may happen to "wake up" !!! True is that during the In-Room Massage a legit massage therapist has no standing to "help" at that stage, of course not! Well, I am a genuine holistic facilitator myself and likewise experienced, besides as a quintessential top escort I'll certainly go way much further than that! When your sexual arousal is enhanced also something witty is expected of you... so to celebrate the mutual discover of pleasure, unhurried and fulfilling for both of us! I guarantee a unique experience, a winning combination of skilled massage, stimulation of erotic touch & private entertainment!  
5. You need that special sense of belonging too... then I'm equally your obvious choice for a free evening out! I am Italian and as an American English native speaker I can surely hold a conversation, besides as a cultivated and charming conversationalist I can guarantee I know how to set the mood. With me joining you for cocktails and maybe some dinner expect a real exchange of laughs, human heat and expertise, and I promise this is what you needed and you didn't even know it before you met me!

Just feel comfortable about booking me with a phone call beforehand from 8 AM to 8 PM and you'll get from the start all the more reason you need to see me! Feelings through voice or a comprehensive description via email of your high expectations that I need to attain matter to me too! NO TEXTING as silly little messages won't be taken in consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: MALPENSA is not in Milano as it seems, and with the Airport being 60 km away from the heart of town it's not a good deal to top escorts here who won't usually serve that area. I am available for upscale escort-related services in MILAN CITY CENTER and meanwhile I'll be pleased to help in Malpensa but please consider a three hours' advance notice as a reasonable timescale, and a donation added to my rates as a little consideration for transfer and parking and that won't cover the additional time expense to reach out to you. As a world-class escort I only value very affluent and generous clientele indeed. Thanks for your understanding!

This is not a servicing company that decides on who visits who... I strongly advise that anyone who wants to avoid scams goes to the lady's personal website to double-check that random pictures posted on online classifieds are matching her own registered photos, as I guarantee I truly am the lady here portrayed in this page!
Take a peek at WWW.ARTOFMASSAGE.IT from where you can also drop me a nice line: no impersonal contact form you are asked to fill! Email me for early booking, very much appreciated, and you'll get the most of the attention! Je parle français conversationnel aussi.

PLEASE ATTENTIVE CLIENTELE ONLY! As a lady of generous nature, those aren't my punters the young guys just aching to pounce on pictures & phone number because on a high-speed date. My appreciation is yours and my special thanks for reading to the end! (^_*) Anna Art of Massage

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